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Dark Souls Game Review: A Simple Action Role-Playing Video Game

October 13th, 2016

Dark Souls is one of the few action role-playing video games developed by FromSoftware for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and MS Windows. The Dark Souls video game series features Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls III. It is also quite clear that there are other series that are being developed by the game manufacturers to supplement the series. The games are published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Here is a comprehensive Dark Souls game review for action role-playing game lovers.header

Game Developers

Dark Souls is developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The latest series in the game, Dark Souls III was initially released on March 24, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms. Upon its release, Dark Souls III video game got good ratings from online game rating websites. game critics rated the game 9.5/10 on their website, Metacritic gave Dark souls 89% score on their site while GameSpot game evaluators put video game ratings at 810. These reviews reveal how Dark Souls III action role-playing game was well received in the market.

Dark Souls Video Game PROS

-The first and perhaps the most important advantage that Dark Souls game has over other video games in the action role-playing genre is the engaging graphics that make it easier for players to enjoy the game over and over again without feeling exhausted. FromSoftware, the game developers ensured that the colors and graphics used in the game appeal to both young and old audience. It is therefore a game that can be played and enjoyed by beginners as well as experienced players at any given time.


-The second good thing about Dark Souls video game is that it can be played on a variety of platforms. Users having PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Microsoft Windows can play and enjoy the game with ease. You will only need to download it in your device and follow the installation prompts as provided by the developers.

-The game takes place in a dark European-fantasy setting, making it appealing to a not only play but also to get emotional connection with the storyline itself. This therefore means that you will learn a lot about the dark fantasy action-packed scenery in the video game as you enjoy every second of playing.

Dark Souls Video Games CONS

-The video game might not work effectively on a slow computer machine. This means that you will have to upgrade your PC or PlayStation in order to enjoy every scene of Dark Souls game. Apart from this single setback, the game is outstanding and worth downloading for any device.

Final Verdictdark souls skills

From this Dark Souls game review, it is quite clear that the video game is made for the modern action role-playing game lover. The game brings out an enjoyable feeling with its user-friendly controls and top-quality action graphics. Its sound system is also top-notch and will definitely make you play the game time and again. Dark Souls is therefore worth downloading for anyone looking for an engaging action-packed video game.

Do you need something in your game ?

Check our latest posts, We publish a lot of useful content with tips and tricks for most popular mobile games.